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I hope u'll enjoy reading my blog :D

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its starts when a girl was born in this world with a name , NUR UMAIRAH ZAHIRAH ..her life becomes a silly life after she met this person : Anas , qamarul , izzaty , eisya , aina , amira , fatinn , sys melly , firdaus(s) , adam , eiqa , jasmin , hanis , hazim , syafiq , kamal , abg isaac , abg aras , sophian , adli , kerel , adik wan , roka , daniel hafiz , abdul azim , eugene , rayyan n afif .. she does love them so damnnnn much..and pls , dun mess up wif this gurl oke♥
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

whyy i like talking and being friends with guys ,

no drama
  they are funny
 they are sporting
they are cute/handsome
they consider me as a sister
they can intro me to their friends
they protect me
they are annoying guy with funny lil' face
they dont hit on the guys I find hot / cute

love youu guys who considered me as your '' best friend forever till die '' and '' the bestest sista ever without lie ''

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